#GoalDiggin’: Goals for December 2012

Source: Money Saving Mom

I did a pretty good job on my November goals. I did increase traffic on the blog, I managed to pump out two posts a day most days, and I am a couple weeks away from pushing the new site live, although I might wait until January 1 to make it “perfect.” (Ha!!)

I’m still looking for a new, regular writing gig but now that the monster of a thesis is almost complete, it will make it easier for me to focus on work. And it will happen because I’m claiming it and I’m laying the groundwork.

So here are my goals for December, albeit a couple days late (oops!):

  • Finish the second article for my thesis (yes, my advisor wants me to write 2 articles. Every other grad student only writes one. Gah!)
  • Create 2013 strategies for my social media clients.
  • Find 1 new sponsor for YML, a company that can work with me on my passion of helping young moms finish school.
  • Spend the last week of the month RELAXING. This might actually be the hardest item on the list.
  • Write down my personal goals for 2013. What kind of woman do I want to be once 2014 rolls around? I might make a vision board if I get some inspiration.
  • Do one “crafty” project for our bedroom. It is, as it always is, a mess in our bedroom. I’m hoping once I’m done with school and I’m not just plopping into bed each night, that I can make it more of a sanctuary. I’ve got my idea on this semi-inexpensive projectI saw on Pinterest.

    Source: Sarah Barksdale Design

    That’s it for this month – what’s on your list?


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