20 Things You Need To Get Through The First 5 Years Of Young Motherhood (Items 6-10)

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6) A guaranteed pick-me-up. Stress is something that comes along with the territory. If your kids don’t listen, or money’s tight, or work is driving you crazy, you need something that you know will help you release that stress that builds up. I just suffered through it until one day I’d explode, everyone would be terrified and then I’d apologize. And the cycle would continue. Don’t be like me. Find something, whether it’s running or a great TV show or baking. Find something that makes you forget about your troubles, at least for a little while.

7) Patience. Going along with #1, having patience is incredibly important. Because you do not want to be like me (and millions of other moms) always rushing. I realized the other day that I always tell my kids to “Hurry up” when it’s time to put their shoes on to go somewhere. Always. Even when we’re not in a rush, I’m telling them that their pace is not fast enough. Ew. Who wants to live like that? Now, when we legitimately have some place to be, my kids will have to get a little hustle in their step, but for a trip to the grocery store or out to the park? I’m giving myself a reminder to chill out.

8) A pair of four-inch pumps. Now, if you weren’t a high heels person prior to babies, you can let this one slide. But if you loved your stilettos prior to your ankles swelling up in your eighth month of pregnancy, don’t let motherhood take the sexy out of you. Sure, you may NOT want to be teetering on the sidewalk with your newborn just to prove that you still “have it.” But when you get one of those rare date nights or time out with friends, bust out those shoes that make you feel good to be a woman. Like these black suede wedges. Or these two-toned platform pumps. I would go out with my friends for a much-needed break from the kids and when I showed up looking like, well, a tired mom of two, and they still looked all fresh-faced and fashionable, it made me feel bad and I didn’t have as much fun as I would have if I actually took the time to look my best. Learn from my mistakes!

9) Acceptance of your post-kids body. Now, I’ve written about this extensively. And I admit, I’m not there yet. I still cringe when I look in the mirror. Those stretch marks ain’t going nowhere. That part of my belly that hangs there in midair, that I have to fight the urge to tuck it into my underwear? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! LOL. But you must understand that your body has just performed a miracle. You know what it takes to create a brain? Lungs? A heart? Well, you did that. *round of applause*

10) Willingness to accept help. From the very beginning, I was opposed to anyone helping me. I wanted to master everything about babies all by myself. But motherhood has a way of making you reach out, right from the start. Let me say this for you one time: Asking for help does not make you weak. Asking someone to watch your child so you can go to class, or go exercise or go grocery shopping, or even just take a shower, does not make you a bad person. Asking anyone for anything that you really need is perfectly okay. Absorb that and let it get into your system.

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