{In The Kitchen} What’s For Dinner: October 29-November 4

I admit that lately my meal plans have been much less set in stone than they have in weeks past. I’ve been taking them as merely “suggestions” versus what we are absolutely having for dinner and that kind of defeats the whole purpose on why I even bother making a meal plan!

So back to basics it is. Write the darn meal plan, go shopping for any ingredients I don’t have, and then stick to the plan. When I deviate from the plan, then it’s at least $20 that comes out of my pocket on that night when everyone just has to have some pizza or Chipotle or some sticky delicious Chinese takeout.

No more. Here’s this week’s plan – and I’m sticking to it!


Asian Glazed Wings + Sauteed Green Beans

These are pretty spicy so I usually just give my kids the plain ones before I coat it in the sauce.


Chicken Ranch Pasta

I feel like I’ve posted this before but we didn’t get a chance to make it. Looking forward to how this comes out!


Chicken salad sandwiches + chips


Shrimp with pesto + penne

Pictured above – I’m using store-bought pesto that doesn’t have any pine nuts since both me and my daughter are allergic.


BBQ ribs + potato salad

Saturday + Sunday 

The kids will be with their grandparents, which means I ain’t cooking!! Leftovers for me!

See more meal suggestions here. 


  1. We’re going through the same thing here. We either end up with takeout OR we buy more groceries than we can eat in a week and have to throw food out. I made our first meal plan in months this past Sunday and it consisted of only three meals. There’s enough for leftovers for lunch and to freeze some.

  2. One of these days, I’ll stick to mine. And we can only eat shellfish when the Mr. works late. Darn it!

  3. I just love your blog Tara! I don’t cook but since I’m happily married now, I’m looking forward to preparing great foods for my husband and future kids someday! And your blog makes it possible… I’m looking forward to unleash the chef in me! Haha This is a great help for newly weds like me.. Thanks a lot for the ideas! :-)

  4. I’ve gotten away from meal planning for the past two weeks and am getting back on track, looking for some other things to try and these are great choices! That shrimp pasta looks delicious!!