{I Want Her Job!} Jenn, Blogger Relations, For Eden Fantasys

I can’t tell you how many moms have contacted me, wondering how to get a work-at-home job and tips on finding them. I decided to start a new feature, I Want Her Job!, to let you know that the jobs are out there. You just have to make sure that you’re putting yourself in the position to be found.

First up is Jenn from http://www.jenn.nu/. She works with Eden Fantasys, the adult toy store (don’t click if you’re at work) to raise awareness among bloggers. Seriously. That’s her job. I had to get some info from Jenn on how she does what she does and why it’s works so well for her lifestyle. 












Name: Jenn

Age: 27

Kids: 7 and 5

How long have you been a work-at-home mom?
Since January 2007. At the time my daughter was a little over two years old and my son had just turned six months old, and while we were making it on just my husband’s income, we lived very leanly in order to make ends meet. An online friend told me about paid blogging, and I got into that, and from there expanded to SEO work, product reviews, and finally, EdenFantasys. I have been with EdenFantasys since February 2010 – my two year “anniversary” is coming up on the 24th of this month.
How many clients do you have?
Hundreds. Literally. If there’s a blogger that would like to partner with EdenFantasys to blog about us, or host a giveaway, I’m the person to talk to. On any given day I’m corresponding with anywhere from 25 to 50 bloggers – sometimes more!
Can you describe the specific responsibilities of your work with Eden Fantasys? How did you start working with them? 

My job is to promote EdenFantasys across the blogosphere. I pitch to bloggers that I feel (or simply hope) would be interested in blogging about us in exchange for a gift card. Unlike other companies we don’t ask bloggers to review any of our products or even write anything explicit about us. This approach works really well – bloggers feel comfortable blogging about us, so they do. We get exposure, they get free gift cards to spend as they please. The majority of my work involves email, visiting blogs, updating the official EdenFantasys blogger Twitter account (@EdenBloggers), and updating databases and spreadsheets so we never lose track of who’s blogged about us and where we’ve sent gift cards (and the occasional product). My job involves a lot of blog reading, email correspondence, and copying and pasting, but I love it.

EdenFantasys approached me with a job offer in February of 2010, after the previous employee who worked with bloggers left the company. The company knew of me because of a few product reviews I had written on my blog (for which I received the products free, from the employee whose vacancy I filled, actually). They liked my open approach to writing about adult products, they liked my blog, and they liked my daily social media presence and devotion to blogging. It was a good match for us both.
(NOTE: If you want to blog about EdenFantasys, you can email Jenn at jenn@edenfantasys.com.)
What’s the best part of working with Eden Fantasys?

Besides the nice paycheck and being able to work from the comfort of my own home, in whatever clothes I want to wear? Getting to meet so many bloggers! I have been blogging since 1998, and it’s great to meet so many people who are so varied from one another. My RSS feed reader is overflowing with blogs, and I add new ones all the time. Also, company perks are always nice. 😉

What’s the best part of working from home? What’s the hardest part?

The best part of working from home is, without a doubt, being able to fit in work around my husband and children – rather than fitting them in around my work, as is so often the case when you work 40-50 hours per week. The worst, for me, isn’t the self-discipline required, but my tendency to be a workaholic. On many days work is the first thing on my mind in the morning, the first thing on my mind when I return from running errands or being out with my family, and the last thing on my mind when I go to bed at night. Even when I’ve been in the hospital due to abdominal issues and surgery, I’ve been known to check in on my work email account and take care of a few quick tasks!

What advice would you have for someone who wants to work from home?

You need self-discipline, and you need a schedule. Whether your schedule is the same all the time, determined a week ahead of time or the night before, it’s important to wake up each day with a plan in mind. This is even more important if you have a household and a family to manage. And, remember to leave some downtime for yourself. If not, you’ll push yourself to the point where you’ll crash and turn into a total slacker for a few days, which isn’t good either. It’s all about moderation – and a schedule!


  1. Thank you for featuring me! :)

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      How do you find out about current positions for EdenFantasys?

      • Wow that’s bad ass. I’m curious about this sphiping issue. They all look like fun. So lucky I only got two toys this week and I paid for one. Oh but how I love it. 7 happy endings in an hour that was so awesome mmmmmm sorry distracted there lol

  2. I -heart- this post. I’ve been catching up with Jenn on a regular basis. She’s a fabulous person. :)

  3. I’ve been reading Jenn’s blogs for… 12ish years now (wow that’s a long time!) and finally got to meet her during BlogHer ’10. She’s a hustlin’ young mom for sure!!!

    Ugh, I have been so burnt out (and getting involved in things that I found I really wasn’t passionate about) that self discipline is hard to find around these parts. I’m trying to gradually get it together.

  4. Her key to doing it all is her self-motivation and drive. She wouldn’t be where she is now if not for that. I’m so proud of her!

  5. Probably could’ve used an NSFW warning here, haha. But seriously, what a cool job.