I Found The Key To Keeping Your Sanity (AKA How I Stay Organized)

Want to know what it is? Get everything out of your head, either onto paper or your electronic calendar. 

Moms are notorious for this. I’m the only one in the house who seems to pay attention to what type of yogurt we eat, to how many Pull-Ups are left, to whether we can get through the winter without having to buy the kids new boots. I stay on top of all of that and my husband doesn’t worry about it, generally because he figures I’ve got it under control.

As a result, sometimes things fall through the cracks. The wrong things. Oops, it’s 8 a.m. and my daughter didn’t do her homework last night. Oops, I forgot to get Pull-Ups for my son now I have to make a last-minute dash to Walmart at bedtime. Oops, I didn’t switch over our bank account information with AT&T and now we have to pay a $35 late fee. All these little “oops!” have been adding up and giving me a reason to scream.

I talked yesterday about always feeling two days behind, and I’ve got this experiment going to try to alleviate some of that stress.

Daily tasks

I use Cozi.com for a running to-do list. The beauty is that I can make some items on there specific to me or my husband, but we both have access and can see what’s what. For other important tasks, I add it to my Google calendar, which is also on my phone. I set up alerts to remind me about the task and act accordingly.

Doctor’s appointments

My daughter has eczema, asthma and bladder issues, so I’m in the doctor’s office a bit. I hated not feeling prepared when they asked me the standard questions (“How often does she need her inhaler? Are you putting the lotion on her every day? How many times a day does she empty her bladder?”) so I went on the hunt for an app that could help me remember stuff. I’m still looking for a great all-around app, but I found the Asthma Journal that helps me track her asthma – how much of the medication I had to give her, how long her symptoms lasted and what they were, and what could have triggered the attack (exercise, outdoor allergens, illness, etc.). It feels really good to have details like this when we go to the doctor. It’s incredible.

Shopping lists

I mentioned this on the Facebook page the other day, but my discovery of the Fooducate app has changed my life in only three days. Basically, you scan the barcode of your favorite products and it gives you a nutritional grade for it. I was happy to see most of my food was as healthy as I thought it was, but a few items got flagged for being high in sodium, which I hadn’t noticed. The best thing about the app is it gives you the option to keep a running shopping list and you’ll know what’s healthy on your list before you even go to the store.

So there you have it. Some of my favorite apps that have been keeping this mama organized for the past week and a half (lol). Share some of your favorite “stay on track” tools below. 






  1. I signed up with Cozi a couple years back and never used it. I am very old-fashioned and use a traditional wall calendar and a note pad. I tend to have notes EVERYWHERE but it works! I also text myself things I need to keep fresh in my head. I guess since my only job is caring for my family I tend to stay well organized.

  2. “All these little “oops!” have been adding up and giving me a reason to scream.” I hear that, girl. Like you said, I always feel two days behind. Sometimes three or four. It’s a sucky feeling, and being organized is the key to alleviating that stress. Being more organized means being more productive.

    A great to-do list app is Wunderlist (for iPhone only, I believe) and PageOnce for bills.

  3. I’m so behind on the times. I’m a totally app-free mom, still pen and paper for me! :)

  4. I am like Tiny Blue Lines, I am an app-free mom, although I still do the old-fashioned way, I still find myself behind. I am still working on a system that works for me. Wish me luck

  5. that asthma/ezcema app sounds great. Little Miss O has the same issues, plus a nut allergy, so I often have to answer these questions. Might just be doing a little download of my own!

  6. like your blog!!


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