2012 Goals

I figure if I put them here, it will help keep me accountable, right?

  • Save $200 per month.
  • Commit to one Sunday a month making freezer meals to help cut down on eating take-out.
  • Go to the rec center 3x per week for a 45-minute workout (minimum).
  • Write every day. Every. Day.
  • Launch series of BlogMama workshops.
  • Get two speaking engagements by the end of 2012.
  • Raise $500 for the YML Scholarship Fund.
  • Make connections with three nonprofits.
  • Work with my son to improve his fine motor skills.
  • FINALLY pack up these baby/kid clothes and sell/donate them.

In the next couple weeks, I’ll be breaking these goals down into microgoals. Feel free to join me as I tackle these!

Do share: What are your goals? I’m all ears!


  1. Very inspiring, Tara. I need to get on mine. I keep putting it off b/c I know that my plate is stacked so high, I can eat from it without turning my face to it. LOL! I wish that I could clone myself.

  2. Mine are:

    Write everyday. Finish degree. Finish my two books. Get healthy. Survive my daughter’s sweet 16 party. Get second oldest enrolled in college and all financial aid paperwork done well ahead of time (I’m experiencing a nightmare with my oldest!!!). Finish my writing room (and the other construction on my house would be nice, too). And finally, start my “old house” fund. We are wanting to buy an old house to restore one day. No time is too early to start saving for it!

  3. I just created a big chunk of my first ever vision board, and I got a pretty good view of the areas of life that are most important for me to get in line. I didn’t look at it from a 2012 viewpoint, but from a life viewpoint. I’m in the process of becoming more organized, so I’m better able to look at the year at a glance to make some goals. I guess being able to chart timelines on a calendar would be like creating the microgoals that you mentioned.