Time To Share: Favorite Books For Your Little Ones

This is my first official (non-introduction) post to the Young Mommy Life, and I’m so glad to be here.

For starters, I’d like to tell you guys what I’d like to do here at the YML. I would love for mommies to share at least one book a month that’s a favorite with their child(ren).  Your child is probably like mine – there are several favorites (and the list grows), so we should have plenty to share.

I also plan to share great holiday books (Christmas, MLK Day, Thanksgiving, etc.) that focus on the reason for the holiday, but are considerate to a child’s level of understanding.  Most of us don’t have time to research every book out there for our child(ren), so this will give us a chance to peek at each other’s bookshelves. So let’s build our book collection (or rack up on our library cards) together!

Since it’s the month of Mother’s Day (I hope you had a great one, by the way), I thought it’d be fun for YOU to share YOUR favorite book to read with your child.  Maybe a book that was your favorite as a child, or a book that has words, rhymes, or pictures that you absolutely adore.

My favorite book to read to my daughter right now is one that I got her around Valentine’s Day – P.K. Hallinan’s How Do I Love You?. Like any mom, I tell my toddler daughter I love her all the time.  This book is a fun way to illustrate to her that I love her unconditionally.  One line says something to the effect of “even though it may not show I love you when you’re bad.*” This book has simple words, simple pictures, and a simple, yet powerful, message.  A classic, for sure.

What’s one of YOUR favorite books to read to your little one(s)?  Why is this book one of your favs?

* We actually own two copies of this book and one version says I love you when you’re “mad” instead of “bad.”  I guess I’m old school when it comes to this because I have no problem saying my child has her “bad” times. LOL



  1. the book i read to my 11-month-old daughter before naptime is “Corduroy”. i’ve been reading it to her off-and-on for two or so months, and she tries to turn the pages :)

  2. How sweet, Lauren. :-) We like Corduroy in my house, too. My daughter is slightly obsessed with escalators, so she loves those pages where Corduroy is on the escalator. Thanks for sharing. Corduroy is a sweet story – definitely a classic.

  3. My youngest daughter is partial to “Click, clack moo”. I find it hilarious, complete with cows on strike, collective bargaining, and electric blankets. We even got to see it as a stage play at a nearby children’s theater.

    • Cheryl, I just checked out Click Clack Moo at Amazon, and it’s gotten AWESOME reviews. I happen to be going to the library today — I will definitely ask the children’s librarian where I can find it. Thanks so much for sharing!