10 Things We Never Had To Think About Until We Had Kids


by Amber Wright

Naturally, having a child is a life changing event – in a multitude of ways.

Before you have children, you can only imagine what life would be like. Since my daughter was born I’ve started to see the world through an entirely new set of eyes.

Here’s a list (I love lists) of some of the random things I’ve seen and experienced that remind me daily, that I’m now a mommy…like, for real (smiles).



10 things I never had to think about until I had a baby…


1) Whether or not Forever 21 had an elevator.


2) If the changing tables I’ve seen in public restrooms were a) functional and b) disinfected.


3) How I would feel if I suddenly was the one with the crying baby in a public place.


4) That pregnancy is considered a disability in the U.S. by both the EDD and retailers (strollers can only fit in the disabled bathroom stall).


5) A bald spot can actually be kind of cute.


6) How much I’d suddenly have in common with complete strangers.


7) Carrying a plastic bag around is actually a good idea.


8 ) What the C-section shelf was and how it would forever change my waistline.


9) How small my inventory of nursery rhymes with hand gestures is. The itsy-bitsy-spider is on heavy rotation at the moment. #gottastepmygameup


10) The depths of which my heart and soul could feel love.


How about you? What was your biggest eye opener after motherhood/parenthood?




  1. All of the things you listed, and also…Whether or not the strangers trying to pinch my baby’s cheeks had washed their hands recently :O

  2. I know, right! It makes me cringe when people do that!

  3. One thing I didn’t think about was getting 2 people ready in the morning. I use to get up and be able to just go, now I have to make sure the diaper bag is stocked up of diapers and wipes, make sure I have my on the go toys and still try to eat in between all that. Man the things we mothers do!

    • Tell me about it! My favorite is when we’re all completely dressed and ready to go…then you hear that dreadful squirting sound, followed by that all too familiar smell! Ugh, time to change the baby…again! LOL Drives me loco!

  4. I read one of your previous blogs which stated you were interested in/going to start signing with your little one. By signing any and all rhymes/poems get actions and become much more interesting to little ones. One of my favorites is patty cake with using the baby’s first initial instead of b for baby and then tickling when you say “put it in the over for ____(baby’s name) and me.” Visit my blog for some for stories about signing with my kiddos http://ndnforum.com/blogs//index.php/2011/03/18/please?blog=11

    • Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion! I love signing to her and can’t wait until she’s able to sign back!

  5. Ms. Prince says:

    This is a great list! I wonder if the children’s fathers have a list?

  6. Whether a restaurant has a changing table (I turn my nose up at restaurants that don’t – ha! Those monsters!)

    Whether hotels have fridges and microwaves. I used to be really picky about what my daughter ate (I’m getting better). I made her baby food for a long time and I needed a fridge to keep it cool and a microwave to warm it. If we happened to be staying in a hotel that didn’t have a fridge or microwave, I had to keep myself from being devastated. I laugh when I look back at it now because I could have just used jarred baby food. But that would’ve hurt my ego. Which leads me to my next point…

    I’ve also learned that the ego goes out the door when you become a mom!

    Oh, honey, I have a whole list of these things…too bad I only have time to list a few. Great post, Amber!

    • LOL @ turning your nose up at restaurants! Same here! I love that…about ego flying out the door when you have a child. It truly is a humbling experience.

  7. co-sign with your entire post and what Kanesha said! i love this :)

  8. Thanks, Lauren!

  9. so true! for a while I had to tell people to not expect us to be on time. whether it’s a stinky diaper, puke or who just a cranky baby something would always happen to make us later than we intended. I am also completely offended by places that don’t have a changing table! HA!