Rock the vote

So the good folks at Nickelodeon messed up the voting for the Best Parenting Blog awards, so they’ve extended the vote until July 6.

For parenting blogWhich means – we’ve got extra time to rock this vote and make sure that this blog, our home, the place where we come to get those virtual hugs, takes home one of these awards.

The first attempt I made at begging for votes was so lackluster I ought to be ashamed. I hate attention and I hate asking people to do ME a favor. But heck, I’m always talking about not being afraid to ask people for help so I need to start taking my own advice.

If you vote for me, it would be a huge boost to my readership and the places I’ll be able to take this blog. Which in turn means more opportunities for young moms everywhere.

But on a real, honest level, it would mean a lot to me. It really would.

I love the interaction between all of us and I love what we’re doing in the Facebook group . But this blog takes a lot of work and I’m always busy, busy, busy doing things to make it grow. This laptop STAYS in my lap.

So I’m asking, between now and July 6, click here and vote for The Young Mommy Life. You can do it right now, while it’s fresh in your mind. :)

I thank you in advance!


  1. i tried voting for you but i didnt want to sign in as a member to vote. i’m rooting for you tho and i hope you win it! :oD

    • @Erykah – I know, right? I was all excited til I found out you had to create an account. It’s okay, though. I’ve voted like 100 times a day for the past month. LOL.

  2. Shauntae says:

    I voted!

  3. Ms. Prince says:

    I voted for you! Yeah the sign-up option is pretty lame but I’m going to vote a couple more times then I’ll unsubscribe.

    • @Ms. Prince – Isn’t it, though? I understand why Nickelodeon did it, but still, it’s a pain for people who just want to support me and not their site. But it’s cool – I appreciate your vote!!! :) Thank you!