i love my ob/gyn a little too much

I know a lot of women have a love-hate relationship with their lady-bits. Everything is all fun and games (literally) until it’s time to take the little lady to the doctor.

But me? I love my gynecologist. LOVE him. And yes, I love HIM. Some women don’t feel comfortable with a male doctor and I used to be one of them. But then I met Dr. A.

I actually met him by accident while in labor. He was a doctor in the practice I visit, but I never had an appointment with him. Instead I would be seen by his equally qualified, but somewhat flighty colleague, Dr. R.

Of course, the day I’m in labor, my regular doctor is nowhere to be found. Here comes Dr. A as the doctor on call.

“Well, hey, there, kiddo,” he says cheerfully while checking my chart. “How are we feeling?”

I wanted to kick him. How the hell did he THINK I was feeling? I’m dilated 5 centimeters! And quit calling me “kiddo.” I’m 20 years old.

But then I started running a fever. A high fever. About 104. The nurses gave me Tylenol and Popsicles. Checked me again. Still high, this time about 104.5. It was not good.

Dr. A came in and checked me again. This time he was a little more serious.

“Okay, kiddo, we’re at a crossroads here,” he said, softly, sitting on the edge of my bed. “Your fever could be signaling an infection. If that’s the case, then we don’t want the baby to have an infection when she makes an appearance. You’re at 8 centimeters now. We’re going to give you another hour to see if you are ready to push and if not, then we’ll have to make a decision.”

He grabbed my hand, gave it a quick squeeze and gave me his magical smile.

In that instant, I was okay.

When it came time to move ahead with the C-section once I hadn’t dilated enough, he was at work. I don’t know how to explain it, but that man gets it done.

So when I became pregnant again, there was only one person who was going to deliver my baby and it was going to be Dr. A come hell or high water.

The day of my scheduled C-section (full birth details at the link) I sat in the hospital waiting for Dr. A. to arrive so we could do the scheduled 8 a.m. surgery. Since I wasn’t in labor, there wasn’t any rush and I got bumped a few times for moms of triplets and twins.

Dr. A was late. That never happened. Ever.

My husband checked his watch. It was 8:35. Where was Dr. A?

A little after 9, Dr. A ran in the room.

He had just flown in from his stepfather’s funeral. His funeral. For me. To deliver my baby. Raced to the hospital from the airport.

He grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze.

In that instant, I was okay.

Tell me, do you love your OB/GYN more than I do? How was your birth experience? Did you have the same doctor on call that you saw during your pregnancy? Delivered at home? Had a midwife?


  1. My OB/GYN delivered both of my kids, and I do love him, but he left.

    He left the group he was with before, and can’t practice in our town under a covenant not to compete. He has to practice in a nearby state, an hour away, for TWO YEARS before he can practice in my hometown again.


    I know where he lives – he’s my husband’s business partner’s neighbor. I may just show up in labor on his front lawn some night, rather than breaking in a new one.

    That would be a great story.

    I actually told him, when I found out he was leaving, that if I had known I would’ve had our third kid earlier than we’d planned. I love him that much.


  2. I swear you’re in my head sometimes, we were just talking about this at work.

    I LOVED all FOUR doctors in my practice. I went there by chance one day because I didn’t like my current OB/GYN, they were close to work, and had a nice advertisement in the yellow pages for their services (and noted they did 4-D ultrasounds). A lame reason to decide to go to a OB/GYN I know, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made. When I first started going, I only wanted to see the doctor I initially saw. As time went on, aka the pregnancy started to get crazy, that changed. Because of my 50 day stay in the hospital, I got to know and love all four of them since who ever was on call for the day would always check on me and my issues before they left. They took really good care of me and since one of them also did an extended bed rest stay @ the hospital, she made the floor make special accomodations for me :) Ultimately the doctor who put in my cerclage, was the only one willing to take it out before I hit 37 weeks, and ended up delivering Jaedyn as well! Even though he wasn’t technically my OB.

    I really miss them and the care they gave me. Along with the four of them, a few of the maternity nurses really became like extended family members to me. Seeing them so much and so often, going through my very rough journey to get my son here with them will always make them have a special place in my heart. I know that’s their job and what they are supposed to do, but I still think every so often of something I could do or give them to show my appreciation. As much as I hated it and B#$@!ed during my hospital stay, I don’t think Jaedyn would have been here if it weren’t for them keeping me in prison–I mean at the hospital and monitoring me as well as they did. I know I wouldn’t have had such a good experience (as good as it could have been) or gotten that level of care if I had stayed with my other OB/GYN and the hospital he was affilated with.

    Therefore, due to extreme circumstances, I think I do love (all four of) my OB/GYN more than you! I still can’t get over the Alicia Keys during the c-section though, LOL

    • @Courtney – There is SUCH a special relationship between moms and the people who delivered the babies, isn’t it? I swear I would walk through fire to get to myOB/GYN. He’s the most popular one there and I feel like I need to make more appointments with him just so I can be a “regular”…LOL. I’ve never felt uncomfortable and his tests and procedures are a breeze. And he’s always singing and dancing. This little guy, maybe an inch or two taller than me, is in the exam room telling me how he used to dance like Patrick Swayze back in Cuba. LOVE HIM.

      You should have seen the conversation we had when he asked was I going to have any more kids and I said, “No.” He’s all, “But you make wonderful babies and I like working with you when you’re pregnant.” I said, “Well, there’ll still be pap tests and IUD checks…” He sighs and turns toward the window….”No, it wouldn’t be the same….” . Now why do we sound like we’re about the break up but still be friends? LOL

    • @Courtney – And yes, every time I see AK or hear one of her songs, I think about him. LOL

  3. Wow, I wish I had a doctor like him :)

  4. Hey Tara:

    That was a great post. I too love my OB/GYN. Dr. S. is a brilliant young lady who was also on the job. With our first we had a scheluded c with the doctor who performed my myomectomy (long story) She was a Godsend but wasn’t doing delivers anymore. I found this out when I went to confirm that I was pregnant. Her office recommended us to a HORRIBLE Dr at first then thankfully we found Dr. G and Dr. S. Dr G is an older gentelmen who was fab but we were given to Dr. S who is as I said a brilliant young lady who was smack dab in the middle of planning her Italian/Indian wedding!

    Long long longgggggggg story short she delivered our two beautiful children after three blood transfusions and almost five hours of surgery.

    When I went in for my six week check up she asked me if I planned to have anymore children. I told her no. She said good because if you did you would have to find another Dr. she said she had never been so mad at a stomach before in her life. She said the surgery was so long because my insides were fused together!

  5. oh…how i loved my ob! but we moved and i miss him terribly! definitely not having anymore kids…but he was such a nice guy. so nice, that we i discovered i was pregnant again, and in the middle of planning an out-of-state move, i FIRMLY dug in my heels and told my husband i was not going anywhere until AFTER this dr. delivered the twins. he was the kind of dr. that doted on me like i was his daughter. he said i could call him anytime…and he meant just that.

    i remember with my first pregnancy, i was a nervous wreck due to all of my complications. around 5.5 months i went into a panic because i wasn’t feeling the baby move. it was a sunday. i called and complained so much, that he opened his office just for me so i could hear the heartbeat and know all was well. and this last time, i thought it was nice that he did not go out of town because he said he had a feeling i was going to blow soon, and he was right! my twins were ready to be born right in the middle of his golf game, so in he strolled in his pastel golf getup ready to get to work. and to think….i met him by pure fluke!

    • @Mrs. W – Isn’t it GREAT to have an OB who you feel completely comfortable with? I’m telling ya, there is a special spot in heaven for talented OB/GYNs. :)