Introducing A Lil’ Butter

No matter what I’m doing, or what my day looks like, I know I have to make dinner, preferably done by the time my hubby and kids come home. If you don’t grab my daughter as soon as her coat comes off, the chances of getting her to eat anything are very, very slim.

It’s like wrestling an alligator, really. headerbrown_copy

And I know I’m not alone. The whole, What’s-for-dinner-what-will-they-eat-am-I-getting-fat-maybe-I-should-just-order-a-pizza-oh-that’s-right-I-am-trying-to-save-money-so-I-guess-I-will-just-go-ahead-and-make-something-so-then-what’s-for-dinner? routine is something every mom goes through, especially us young moms.

So I created a totally separate blog, called A Lil’ Butter, which will feature recipes, products, appliances, etc., to help you learn how to cook. But don’t worry – I will feature the recipes over here as well.

Already know how to cook? Visit me anyway and share some of your favorite recipes as a guest post. I know I’m always looking for new recipes to try out.

Psst – Want to know where the name of the blog comes from? Well, it means a couple things. I’m a firm believer that a little butter does wonders for a dish. Finishing off a sauce, giving meat a little more flavor, etc. But it’s also about being healthy. It’s just a little butter. Not a ton. It’s also my philosohy toward life. Just a little extra in life can do wonders.

So please visit me over there and let’s help each other out!


  1. Courtney says:

    I know I’m already ready for Round 2 of those bacon wrapped chicken breasts, my goodness! I wanna try shrimp, but idk if I’m brave enough

    • @Courtney – Try the bacon-wrapped shrimp! That’s one of my next recipes. Also, you can buy different types of bacon – I like peppered bacon. Gives it a nice kick! :)

  2. How cool! Im going to check out ure new blog now! :-)

  3. I have been reading you blog for a sec now but I had to come out of lurking to thank you for this. I’m not a mom or anything but I really want to learn how to cook! Thanks for this blog!

  4. I applaud you for embarking on this new food blog! I don’t exactly love cooking, and don’t yet feel the pressure to make a huge spread every night. Plus, I don’t have the counter space. Perhaps, with a little inspiration (i.e. new recipes!), I can get creative.

    Now, if only I didn’t have a little person attached to my leg while I’m holding a hot pan…

    • @Chelsea – See, I love cooking but I find it difficult when you have all these constraints – the little one is hungry, you’re tired from working, it’s hot outside, the little one is clinging to your leg, etc. So I’m hoping we can do the same thing over there that we do over here – share what works and what doesn’t! :)

  5. Great idea! I’ll check out your other blog later today. I love to cook. Always looking for new foods for the family.

  6. There definitely ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little butter =). I’ll be sure to check you out.