Let’s get together…

I love the community we have built here over the past year, but it seems like I am the one that benefits most.

You all come here, leave comments addressed to me and then I respond. I meet tons of interesting moms, but you guys just meet…me. Over and over again.

So in an effort to change that, I decided to try something new. Every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. will be Young Moms night over at Twitter. (Haven’t joined Twitter yet? Please do, if only for me!)

Here’s how this will go down:

Using your twitter username and password, log in at www.tweetchat.com. When prompted to enter the room name, enter #youngmoms. Then you will be able to see everyone’s tweets on one screen. (It’ll be like old school chatrooms – so 1998!)

We can try this and see how it works. We can use this time to discuss issues with the kids, issues with us, issues with relationships – whatever! I will moderate, which means I’ll just throw out questions from time to time. First question: How is everyone saving money these days? Share all your money tips!

I do hope I can see you all there.

I’m @theyoungmommy, in case you didn’t know. Introduce yourself in the comments and I hope to see you tonight!