In Good Company: Lauren Luke

My, how I love hearing good news about young mothers. We just don’t hear enough of it!

Meet Lauren Luke, the 27-year-old single mom who has become an internet sensation on YouTube, with 31 million hits worldwide in the past two years.

She had been working a dead-end job that she despised, living with her mom and sister and 10-year-old son, and decided to do something to about it.

She took her passion for makeup and began doing short makeup tutorials on YouTube, showing viewers how to do their makeup like their fave celebrities.

Fast forward a couple years and now Ms. Luke has blown up. She’s launching her own make up line and has a book coming out this year as well. She never intended for things to blow up like they did, but things just happened at the right time.

Let this be a lesson to you. Creating the life that you REALLY want for yourself is totally within your grasp, kids or no kids.

So start small. Do one thing a week that you are really good at, like painting, writing poetry or dancing. Just let your creative juices flow.

I’m not telling you that you will land a book deal in the next couple of years, but who knows? You could be the next big thing, too.

Check out this feature on Ms. Lake and let me know what you think!



  1. Great start for her. It’s always inspiring to see women daring to go “there”; wherever “there” may be for her!

  2. Great post! It’s nice to see young mommies gaining success from following their passions.

  3. cool! I just love seing young moms chasing their dreams.

  4. Great story.

  5. tmpringl says:

    @Pat – Ahh, don’t we all? :)

  6. tmpringl says:

    @Erica – Yes, ma’am. It’s not too often we hear about young moms getting praised for being successful so we have to celebrate it when we can!

  7. tmpringl says:

    @Execumama – I love how she just started this for fun and it blossomed into something she never imagined. :)